Not the best day weather wise, but at least it’s not real rough. LMA has the Fishark charter today and tomorrow, always a great trip and the crew really likes $ it. Both Six packs out and the LAM is the all day boat. LVII and SCL are in port. Tomorrow is very busy, we are using all three boats for the public all day, so when you show up in the morning choose a boat, LMA will be gone at 5. LAM, SCL and LVII will all be at the dock, pick which boat you want and board at anytime, please be careful on the ramps. I’ll give a fish report when I hear. The weekend is sold out and Monday we have two all day boats. Capt Les Report 1320 LMA limited on HUGE( up to 9 pounds)Haddock. Remember it’s all pros and limited to only 25 people, Fishark adventures, if you ever want to join them. AB and MJ both limited on Haddock, all three boats had plenty of other stuff, Reds, Cusk, Pollock and Whiting. LAM did good but no limits, 10-12 for some only 4-5 for others, also with lots of other fish to go with them. Great day! Pictures when they get closer. We still have 18 spots available tomorrow using three boats.

Whiting are here, we have charter dates available
Lots of them
Reds still hanging on
Guess who
What a crew
Legal? No but third one this week. I remember one every two years if we were lucky
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