Crazy year, can’t explain it, just guessing. The Pollock, Haddock, finally took off, but to our surprise the Reds are here like they show up in March. Fishing is fishing, not catching, so we never know for sure but the last two trips we had zero Pollock, Haddock, but Sunday was a bail out on the Reds and today was all you want, pictures to follow. So unless we find something while out there, Reds are the target. Weather looks like it will keep us going everyday. ‼️FYI!!! we have a lengthy waiting list, if anyone doesn’t want to go for Reds and only wants Pollock, we will waive our cancellation policy for the time being so that you can get a refund if you’d like, just not the day of. Navigating unknown waters with the last months fishing.‼️

Capt Les

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