Lots of interest in these tasty treats. Over the last decade we rarely had a bad trip, usually 15-100 pp, best eating fish and once again our crews are amazing trimming them with no bones. We have a Fishark charter on Friday(3/24) so Saturday(3/25) we should know where they are but they are consistently in the same places, love certain peaks. Saturday we have all four big boats going, 12 spots available, keeping the number of passengers at 3/4 due to the time of year. LMAIII at 55, LAM at 45, LVII and SCL at 30, so 160 spots with presently 148 reservations. We open at 5 am, depart at 7 and they’ll be homemade muffins and fresh coffee at Capt Dons across the street, open at 5. New marathons added, I’ll post a list this weekend. Running for Reds and Pollock right up until 4/1 when we start to target Cod and Haddock, still Reds, Pollock and Cusk. Capt Les

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