Who let the dogs out?? They are brutal, some still managing 7-8 Haddock and a few Pollock, Cusk. But you have to be good and lucky to take that home. Mostly fighting Sand Sharks, but the weather certainly is incredible and most having a great time. This first wave will hopefully be gone soon. Lots of Whales and Dolphins over the past week. We have a 6 pack opening on June 19th, group had to CX, so if interested call the office, it’s a holiday. We have room on most trips until Saturday, remember Sunday is Fathers Day, we kept two boats for both the all day and half day, still room but there won’t be for long. 1430 Much better today, fewer dogs and more fish. 5-8 pp on average on Haddock and more Cusk, Pollock. Whiting trips, we do them, who the hell wants Ling when you can catch Whiting..

Looks like Sue behind all those Haddock, Leo must have helped 😀
Leo with catch of the week
Taste like chicken, honestly one of the best eating fish in the ocean, much like a Wolfish, diet of clams, crabs and lobster. Cusk!!

Capt Les

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