Un heard of in January. Reality is back, with tonight’s storm. Out today, flat calm. I’ll give an update on fishing when I know. We’re going to continue to operate as long as the weather gives us three days a week and the fish remain around. We have openings February 7,9,10 and 11. Beyond that is up in the air, stay tuned here. On line booking for Feb/March are being blocked and opened 4 or 5 days prior to the trip. You can always call the office. Special shout out to everyone that makes this place tick, best bunch of people you’d ever want to meet. From crew, Captains and office, you can’t find better. Thank you

Capt Les

ALERT ‼️ didn’t happen today, it was bound to happen. Reason could be a multiple of things as mentioned before. It is a full moon, tide was like being in a river it was running so hard. By the time we realized they weren’t going to bite( lockjaw, another reason) we were out of position. Did find a hungry bunch of Reds, took the edge off but still didn’t compensate for the massacres we had this month. Capt Nate reports no Haddock or Pollock( which is bewildering considering the last month) but did manage 10-35 Reds pp to help ease the pain. Regroup on Wednesday morning to figure it out where they are. Stay safe during the storm, we open at 5 am Wednesday and boat sails at 7. ALERT ‼️

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