But you can’t fight mother nature. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are canceled. Hurts us more than anyone, we had all boats sold out, that’s 450 passengers at $82/pp, you can do the math. Worse than that, my freezer has no more fish in it, dying to get some Reds. But step outside, you’ll understand why we’re not going. PLEASE be patient with the office, we only have two lines and two staff members to transfer or refund payments. Additionally rebooking will be tough, next weekend is full also. We’ll do the best we can. Running 7 days a week for Reds and Haddock opens April 1. We can’t be too upset, 5 days in a row(total 19 days) in January, as well as 7 days in a row(total 12 days) in February. Unheard of. I’ll post as soon as I have more information, our apologies. Captain Les

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