Sunday it depended on what boat you were on, couple were slow, couple ended up good with lots of cusk, Pollock along with the Haddock and the AB slammed the large Pollock. A ways out but doable on good weather days. Today was not one of those days, all boats returned to dock due to high seas except the AB who had a hearty crew that wanted to fish and were rewarded. They couldn’t get out to the Pollock due to the weather , but ended up with 100 Haddock, dozen big Pollock not that bad if you ask me( 6 guys). The boats can always take the weather, it’s the people we worry about. Once again haven’t seen Pollock fishing like Sunday for a bunch of years( Haddock have been keeping us alive). The LMA will be heading there in the morning, few spots left, lots of room Wednesday/Thursday and Friday. We hauled the LAM and the LVII is chartered all week, but we have both of them for Saturday coming up. Capt Les

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