The LMA left just before 7 and they’ve only been fishing an hour or so. Every reel on the boat, in the water, hasn’t stopped reeling since they arrived. Absolutely ridiculous. They already have more than enough big Pollock, more than likely looking for Haddock next, had quite a few last trip out. I’ll post later, but bottom line is the fish are still there and savage. Check out last trip pictures on previous post. 1448 pictures from today! We keep many crew working through the winter but with fishing like this we have to have at least 4 crew that are not only GOOD( they all are or don’t cut) but fast also. We really can’t ask them to work NYE or NYD. The crew for NYE day are all volunteers from our gang. If we can get 4 more volunteers for New Years Day we’ll add that day too, 12/31 sold out in 18 hours. Keep checking here to see if we can sail 1/1/2024. We always try to have at least 1 crew for every 12-15 passengers and 99% of the time we do, with fishing like this it’s mandatory.

Capt Les

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