They just weren’t hungry yesterday, as we told you they’re still there ( we can see them) but aren’t always hungry. That changed this morning, same place but very hungry, actually savage. As many as you can catch, as fast as you can catch them, too many and it’s just 11 am. Fishing the next three days, all sold out. It’s possible they stay quite a bit longer, but the weather will be an increasingly big problem. We’ll just keep plugging away and hope for the best. The water is abnormally warm so helping us out there, but as soon as it dips below 40, the decision to sail will be drastically pulled back, the weather will have to be perfect. Pictures from this morning. We caught a Black Sea Bass( ??? Wow pretty far north) giant Haddock and Capt Phil had a swordfish playing on top of the water in January on Jeffries ledge. More pics will be up on the post by 1500.

That’s a Haddock
Gail sneaking out of the tackle shop! Caught you
Rare this far north

Captain Les

4 fast(also perfect) cutters from start into the evening
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