Fishing was good on the LAM, LV and the six packs, the Fishark charter on the LMA was excellent, but 99% of the time that’s the case. Only 25 guys, they pay big bucks but worth every penny most of the time. Pics are from that boat today. One added pic from the Captain of the LAM with his new autopilot. Just FYI the picture was staged. Autopilot is an aid, not a replacement. Now the bad news, Capt Nate and Capt Phil have decided the weather tomorrow isn’t good enough to sail, tide into the wind, southerly 15-25 with gust to 30!. We are in the process of calling and refunding everyone. Our apologies but can’t fight Mother Nature. Capt Les

King Whiting
Best crew anywhere
Full buckets
Captain Dave O’Conner with a new autopilot, be assured picture was staged!
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