Was it too good to be true? No, the fish are still there, just didn’t feed yesterday and after three days of massacres it was a big let down to all. Obviously the fish are bunched up to lay eggs and they’re days they won’t feed, it happens. We went from 30-60 pp to less than 100 for the whole boat and most of those were foul hooked. Thats fishing, out today but sadly we have to cancel tomorrow(Monday), it’s already getting rough and they’re just getting to the fishing grounds, just going to get worse. We have a scheduled day off for maintenance on Tuesday so Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the next fishing days. We still have room. Capt Les Day started out like yesterday, lockjaw until lunch, then they got hungry, it was mayhem. Conditions were horrible on all levels, rough, tide but once the fish started feeding it was all good. Not the numbers like Thursday or Friday but plenty of fish in the boat all in the last 99 minutes. Pictures from today’s trip. Wednesday is already sold out but plenty of room Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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