Tough to keep up reporting this time of year, so many trips and different kind of fishing . We are turning the corner on summer, but still lots of Mackerel trips and lots of All Day Haddock, Cod and Pollock trips. Add some Cusk, Reds and huge Whiting the next 3-4 months look excellent. Obviously we will eventually stop the mackerel, Bass and Whiting trips, but still plenty of them on the calendar. We have lots of room depending on the day, lots of private charters this time of year. We did have some more dogs(Sharks) the last couple of days. We still can’t tell you the Cod season, your government at work. It’s either September 1 to October 8 or Sept 7 to October 8. We should have a decision in 48 hours. Weather looks amazing for a few weeks. Capt Les

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