Trying to get out as much as possible, been tough. Fishing was good until the last few trips out, but it was a new moon and conditions were horrible. Thats been a few days and hoping for a big change. We have a Fishark charter tomorrow, so no public trip, they always find fish, so I’ll post tomorrow on how they did. Too much wind for Saturday, too bad we had a sold out boat. Sunday we are running and have some space. We can’t run much longer due to maintenance work needed, just two weeks left. Last day is December Sunday the 18th. Gift cards are available until the 22, we will close that day at 5 pm and re open on the 26th at 8 am. No trips until March 24th, a Friday. For REDS!! I’ll post again before the holidays, but try to get out and get some fresh fish at a decent price. Sadly because of everything costing more we can’t afford to operate at discount prices, the prices are what they are. And i can assure you it’s a great value. Fuel prices will depend on what we lock in at, that will be known fairly soon. But you will know, still the least expensive place on the East Coast. We don’t stop short to save fuel, we go where the fish are, or at least hope where they are. Capt Les

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