The weathermen made it sound much worse than it actually was. The SCL had the all day, tons of action but only 3-6 keepers pp, still not bad. LMA had a private marathon charter and way on the east side where the sand sharks made their presence known. But it was a Fishark charter so only 23 people on board a boat that fishes 60 comfortably, so easy to deal with. Tom limited, but he’s one of the best fisherman we have. Others had 6-9 Haddock, 3-5 Pollock, a short Halibut and some Whiting/ Cusk. Pool was a 17# Pollock and we had a monster Whiting weighing in at 5.5#. AB also had a Fishark charter with the man himself. They killed them, boat limit on Haddock, some big Pollock and Capt Nate gave them a couple bonus drifts for Whiting, killed them too. Just a few openings tomorrow, few half day and night Bass trips available over the weekend. Capt Les

Last nights first keeper on the Bass trip, openings Saturday night.
Tom with a 30” Halibut on the LMA
Beauty Aligator
Capt Nate
Stan, also one of our better fisherman
That will be his mugshot someday
Best fillet Guy on the coast
Full buckets, Remember AB only takes 6 not 60
Looks staged to me😁
Boat limits on Haddock
So many of them so early
Looks like it has shoulders
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