Excellent Whiting trip, 75-100 pp, half day Haddock was up and down but could only keep 1 out of 5, lots of shorts which is great. We now know after our tagging program that most Haddock survive decades after being caught and released, we still get several a month with a tag. MJ had 10-12 Haddock pp and lots of Cusk and Pollock. AB I’m going to assume had his limit( yes he did), and SCL was in port. The LMA, our flagship, had the same fishing as the 5 hour Haddock trip, up and down action and lots of throw backs, fun day. We still have 10 openings on the Whiting trip tomorrow leaving at 0600, limited to 35 people and 10 hours. All day leaving at seven for Haddock has two boats going, LMA and SCL. I’ll update the afternoon Bass when I hear, but it’s early. 1448, just heard from brother Ed, looks like everything is showing up, Stripers are biting, pic of one just caught a minute ago. Capt Les

Afternoon Bass trip on the LVII
LAM whiting trip
LAM Whiting trip
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