The Whiting have showed up in force, not only dozens and dozens per person, but lunkers (big ones). If you want to go Whiting fishing you can charter your own boat or go on a Fishark’s trip, keeps the numbers of people to 1/3 capacity. Fishark Adventures. 8/17 he has openings. After several days of brutal Sharks on the Haddock boat and one very slow day it’s back to decent fishing, not like the Spring but 1/2pp up to 7/8 pp, with the weather a few whales and just a few Sharks it’s very good. Mackerel fishing on the 2 hour were massacre in shore and the 4 hour trip at the Isles of Shoals equally as good. Stripers aren’t as good as they were but a keeper every trip and dozens of schoolies, Friday was an off night, hit the tide wrong. Everything is sold out today but plenty of room all week at this point, but remember it’s now vacation weeks, people usually call once the get here. Special 5 hour Haddock trip with lots of room tomorrow,Monday. Capt Les

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