We canceled the six packs today, and probably should have canceled everything, it was rough, shitty and any other word you want to use. Fishing wasn’t bad, just the sea conditions. It wasn’t a fun day for half the crowd, but ok for the rest. Tomorrow looks to be calmer. We added three 10 hour Whiting trips 9/26-28, 26 & 27 are sold out, 28 has 6 spots left. These trips are killing it. A sad note, one of long time customers Glen Olsen passed, we send our condolences to his family and of course his friends. I’ll give more accurate fish reports after the weekend, I’m accused of exaggerating my reports, maybe just the best Captains on the coast, but once again with 7 boats some kill them and some don’t catch much. We are sold out on all trips until Monday and very busy until Columbus Day, please call for reservations. Capt Les

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