Just a few weeks and we’ll be back at it. Reds, can’t beat them and we know where they are. We also have the only crew on the coast that can fillet them with all the flesh and no bones. Capt Phil/Ed didn’t sit on the couch winters, when they weren’t running a party boat they were running commercial boats. Experience is something you can’t buy or obtain without being there. But we have lots of experienced captains, Ralph and Nate really somewhat famous up and down the coast, not an open date April/ May and June, working on the rest of the year. Todd, Tory, Nicole, Dave,Chris, Fonzie, Shean, Justin and even me if they get desperate for Captains. Hope that doesn’t happen, lol. We are busy, but you can check on line or call the office for availability. Remember Pollock, Reds and Cusk until April 1 when Haddock opens. I know most are here for Reds. We are using 3 boats opening weekend 23/24, and two the rest of that week.

Capt Les

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