Everybody didn’t catch 20 Haddock and a 20# Cod, but it was non stop action and ended with plenty of poundage from quality fish. This report is from the LMAIII, Capt Nicole’s mom Brenda and Johns annual marathon trip. As always, fish or no fish, they had a blast, the food(Brenda), but yesterday the weather was perfect and the big fish were there. Lots of Sharks which made, the nonstop action, but take a look at some of the great fish caught through the sharks. We now only have openings Monday afternoon Bass trip, then Tuesday through Friday we have plenty of room. Next weekend is sold out. Fall fishing is gearing up, big Pollock showing up, like to see the the Pollock slams we had 5-6 years ago. Pictures to follow. Capt Les

Leon and the guys
John and Brenda( nice Cod)
Few dinners there
Lots for dinner
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