After a slow Whiting start last week due to weather, it’s an entirely different story today with a lot of Whiting landed. Marc “Fishark”, the “Whiting King” had at least 68 Whiting as well as Ling in the mix.

The regular All Day boat also had a great day.  Some did better than others, but Pat & Gail had about 1 ¾ totes of the big Pollock and others had more.

I was out talking with some of the people as they were hauling their catch up to their vehicles, and everyone I spoke to had a great time; and watching them walk up the ramp, coolers looked heavily loaded!

The weekend looks good, and room on Sunday All Day & Half Day – AM & PM. We are running everyday weather permitting, so give us a call… 😊


Wilbur with Whiting catch and a dash of Ling in the mix. 


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