Bump in the toad from some amazing fishing yesterday (10/26). Predominantly due to weather conditions, wind, tide and waves. It was like a wall yesterday, once you reached 12 miles, weather went to hell. Oh well, can’t slaughter them everyday. Just Nate out today and I’m sure as everyday he limited. We have room tomorrow(Wednesday) and Thursday, but all trips on Friday are cx due to the impending quick moving storm( remains of Zeta). Still a little room on Saturday and Sunday. It’s that time of year with weather and we will continue to strive to make the best decisions we can, always leaning towards a no sail for questionable forecast. Remember the LMAIII has climate controlled cabins, heated outside handrails and satellite TV, you won’t miss a game. Please check the website for updates. Or the office is always open during the day, everyday 5-5, some days when not sailing 7-3. Stay safe.
Capt Les

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