Capt Phil reports another slaughter, limits by noon today Wednesday 10/28. Sadly we are not running the public boat tomorrow for a couple reasons and of course everything is cx due to weather on Friday. Weekend looks fine and a little room on both trips, 8 and 10 hour. Next week looking a little bit more seasonal and fishing is phenomenal. Next week, as far as I know, we’ll be the only boat operating north of RI. We will run as long as fish continue to bite and the weather cooperates. 2015 the harbor froze over, that would be a reason to close. But that extends well into late January. And as you all know we slaughtered the fish and had good weather days well into late February. That happens once in a decade, but we can hope. As always closed in March. This year, Haddock and Cod open April 1, along with our Redfish.
Capt Les

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