Well it’s that time of year to start picking and choosing our good weather days. Cold doesn’t affect us, LMAIII was built for winter fishing, but the wind with the cold is tough on the anglers. As mentioned many, many times before, the LMAIII has insulated walls, heated bilges and cabins with a house heating system which also heats the outside rails. It will continue to operate on good weather days as long as the weather and fishing remains like last winter. LAM sailed its last trip for 2020 and will head to the boatyard. Fishing yesterday was excellent for Capt Tory and Capt Nate, Nate limited on the AB and Tory had 8-limit pp, sadly the LMAIII had its rare second day in a row with horrible fishing. Capt Ed said he zigged when he should have zagged and just couldn’t get them under the boat to bite. Because of wind(15-30) and cold combo, next trip will be Thursday November 19. Tuesday/Wednesday are cx. We are the only company running north of RI, so reservations are a must if you want to get on, limited to 50 passengers. I’ll check in again Thursday afternoon with a fish report.

Capt Les Jr

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