Wasn’t a massacre but excellent fishing today( Sunday 11/22) 50/50 Haddock and large Pollock, most 12-15, some only 6-8. Yesterday was slow with mostly Pollock, couple guys had a dozen, few had zero, but in fairness to Capt Tory, we hadn’t been out in 5 days, takes a day or 2 to get the scoop on where they moved or didn’t move. We reluctantly have to cx the sold out 10 hr tomorrow and Tuesday due to the approaching Gale, sucks. We are closed for the holiday Wednesday and Thursday and filling up fast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, sold out next Monday, reservations a must. Let’s hope for some decent weather. All boats are now Drydocked except for the LMAIII which as mentioned many times will run as long as possible depending on weather and fishing. Happy Thanksgiving to all, please stay safe and thanks to all for your patronage. Greatly appreciated.
Capt Les Jr

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