Not a massacre, and Capt Tory thinks a few of the 50 anglers caught only a couple, but still very good. The average was 6-10 but at least 20 anglers had 8-12, 3 with limits. Beautiful day out there. Looking towards the future we might get 6 or 7 more days to catch Haddock before it closes March 1, then we open back up for Redfish season, March 28th to April 14, then back to Haddock/Reds. Special trips for Whiting sponsored by please check there for not only Whiting trips but Fipps trips and many more. Upcoming sailing days will be posted as soon as we get updated weather forecast tomorrow, but tomorrow and Wednesday are scrubbed for sure. Good news of the day, Haddock still here and in shallow enough water to still catch them.

Capt Les Jr

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