Ended up pretty good considering not being out for a week and conditions that sucked. This is Mondays report at 1517, the tide was bad and the swells from NE were huge, add that to a 20 knot west wind with 5’ seas, it was tough fishing. They still managed to average 8-10 pp, mostly Haddock with some Pollock. I call that pretty good, better in the afternoon as the weather conditions subsided. Still have room next two days, we only take 50 after November 1 and we’re in the 35 range both days, as mentioned Thursday and Friday are sold out with Fishark charters, Saturday, Sunday and Monday still have room, Sunday the most and remember all TV’s are up and running so you don’t miss any games. Nice to get back out there and next few days look excellent as far as the weather goes.
Capt Les

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