We lost two good friends recently. For those of you that go all the time, you would know Charlie and Rose, part of the NY contingent. Sadly Charlie lost his battle and passed last week, our condolences to Rose and his family and friends, many that fish here. In addition, without knowing, Gramps(Dave Powers) passed at 84 back on December 16th. Haven’t seen him last couple of years, but he ran the galley for years and fished here with his late wife Bev for most of the last 50 years. Both will be missed.
The boats are being worked on, the new engines are in the LVII, still a ways to go. These 50 degree days give us the itch to get out fishing, but that itch will be scratched Sunday with snow and dropping temps , into the 20’s. Trips to the market, holy crap are things expensive. Going to be great to catch some fresh fish for a fraction of the cost there charging for week(2 weeks) old fish. Office open everyday 9-2, first trips for Reds start on March 24th, first two days sold out, openings start on 26th. Just like late November, weather is a big factor in late March. Always check here for weather updates. I’ll check in again next week.
Capt Les

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