Of course there is, Russia a super power with nuclear weapons and conflict with the west and invading a former part of the USSR. But don’t worry about things you can’t change, let’s hope for the best. One thing for sure, although it will hurt in many other ways, we will not have fuel surcharges. We locked in at the dip in December. We bought 100k gallons at a reasonable price and we will not be concerned with fuel prices for the boats. Prices will not change in 2022. We just opened a second boat for opening day on 3/26, LAM will be ready for back up. We turned some people away, call back, we now have room. The short Red season is very popular and only a week of it so very busy. Reservations 100% necessary. Boats are getting ready and this weather gave us optimism, but still a month away for fresh fish.
Thanks Les

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