Didn’t get out today due to weather, but we are confident the Reds are stacked up in their favorite spots and we will be there in the morning to bring some home for dinner. Weather is always a factor this time of year so stay tuned here for updates, we try our very best to not sail on miserable days. Remember we have satellite TV, heat( LMA actually has outside heated rails) NO fuel surcharges 2022 and free parking. Along with one of the most popular Seacoast restaurants at our docks( Tuna Striker Pub, number 1 on trip advisor) it’s one stop shopping.
We are sold out until Monday, where we have room along with Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and three boats available for public trips. Haddock and Cod open on Friday April 1, when you can still catch Reds, Pollock and Cusk, just until then we are strictly targeting Reds.
Capt Les

Redfish! One of the tastiest fish in the sea…

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