Both the LAM and the Seacoast Lady hit the waves today. Both with no issues. The Seacoast Lady did not disappoint and will be taking the place of the LTAII. Scroll down to see her. It’s FAST, 15 knots as the previous owner promised and she’s a beautiful, ten years newer. LAM has new TVs, Autopilot and renovations you’ll all notice. Next are the work horses, AB,MJ and FL six pack boats all going in Friday. Only boats running this weekend will be the LMA and the LAM, April 1 all seven boats will be running, as always weather permitting. Best place to check on weather for trips Is right here. And our biggest project was the re-powering of the the LVII, they are in and started, sea trials the 29th to see just how fast she’ll go, but we anticipate close to 20. Thanks to Nate and Ed, it was a huge project. As promised earlier, no matter how much fuel goes up, there will NOT be fuel surcharges. We pre bought the fuel for 2022. Hope it comes down for the country, and all of you driving here.
Capt Les

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