Boats are just about ready, working their asses off getting everything perfect. The office is crazy busy with everyone planning their trips, all preseason charters are either deposited or up for grabs. Check on available dates by calling the office. We have an enormous amount of six pack charters, and availability on one of the 65’ boats( LVII and Seacoast Lady). For those of you looking for dates that aren’t available on the six packs, when you do the math, it’s cheaper to charter one of the big boats with 10-12 people and get more room and be more comfortable for less or equal money. The newly repowered LVII will be one of the fastest boats on the coast and able to do trips to Fipps as well. A thought that you really should think about. We are extremely busy, even with all the craziness in the world and fuel prices going through the roof. As mentioned previously we locked our fuel in, so no surcharges in 2022. That doesn’t mean it won’t hurt in other ways, 1, you filling your tanks to get here, 2, everything else from A-Z is affected by high fuel prices. But the boats are protected for at least a year. Days are counting down and Red fishing is only a few weeks away. Our best hopes for Ukraine and hope the idiot in charge of Russia is quickly crushed. Open 7 days a week 9-2 until we open on the 24th, the 5am to 5pm.
Capt Les

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