Beautiful day, forecast west wind still isn’t here, flat calm and early reports are excellent but communications aren’t good enough to supply accurate information. I will report this afternoon. Everything is sold out tomorrow( Monday) but we do have a waiting list, if you’re local might be worth it. Tuesday and Wednesday the SCL is in port for some maintenance. We have room on both the Redfish trip and the Haddock trip, using two boats for the Haddock on Tuesday, Wednesday the marathon is sold out, Haddock trip has 7 openings and 10 openings on the Redfish trip. These are the last public Redfish trips of 2024 this week, doesn’t mean we still don’t catch them on the public Haddock boats, we do. Thursday has plenty of room, we had a charter cancel, hoping to double up on the Haddock boat. Friday, Saturday and Sunday pretty much sold out, you can check the website for availability. Report LAM not as good as it’s been, I polled people getting off the boat, some said slow and only had a couple, some said great and had 14 Haddock and 12 Reds ( pretty good I’d say), LMA excellent lots of Haddock limits and tons of Reds( it was a marathon) SCL and LV Reds massacre( still here) both six packs AB MJ also excellent.

Capt Les

SCL slaughter in Rrds
Hank, September here soon enough

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