0745, only a few public trips available for Reds, tomorrow and Wednesday. Friday sold out. All 6 boats out, I’ll report later today Monday 4/22/24 on rest of the fishing. Fish report 1430 crazy fishing, excellent on all boats, most limited on Haddock on the public all day, all the charters did as good or better, Reds are still up and down. Dozens and dozens pp. keep an eye out for Whiting trips, already catching them and know where they are.

Capt Les

LAM Red fishing trip
LV and obviously Capt Tory
NH Seacoast, only 90 minutes from Providence RI and 4 hours from NYC, 100’s of hotels, restaurants and things to do. And the fish are only 90-120 minutes away. Make it a get away every month.
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