Reports later this afternoon. Fishing is incredible and we have lots of room next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Two boats available all three days. Fish report 1600. LMA had an amazing day, close to a boat limit, some with 8, some with 20, once again abnormally big Haddock. LAM right next to the LMA not nearly as good some with only 2, some with 6. SCL about the same as the LAM. LVII once again not as good as it’s been on the Reds, time to switch over to Haddock, looking for Whiting, that will be a month at least. Haven’t heard from Nate or Ralph but confident they did well, they generally always do. All pictures are from Sue and Leo aboard the LMA. I’m taking the weekend off, I’ll post Monday on the fishing, plenty of room Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday. Next three days are sold out. Thanks to all, we appreciate it. Capt Les

Obviously best cutter on the coast on the table
Full coolers on the LMA
Child’s play, so many Haddock
What a picture
Talk about huge Haddock and a big Pollock
Thinks that’s Zoey
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