LAM at the dock for maintenance, that meant the all day aboard the LMA was full and the crowd combined with the tide made it tough fishing, but the crew of the LMA wasn’t phased, fought through it and lots of limits, even the people that didn’t get limits, had 6-8 and the Haddock are abnormally huge. Hardly any to measure. Ralph and Brian on the MJ limited early and also huge ones. I’m going to assume Nate on the AB limited and tons of other stuff. Haven’t heard from brother Ed on the LVII, he’s Redfishing, and lastly the SCL is on a research Whale Watch with Blue Oceans, looking for early arrivals. We are sold out F/S/S and Monday only 6 spots available on the all day, marathon is sold out. All other boats are chartered. PS just heard from LV and AB, both banged the Reds along with Haddock, first pics!

MJ Brian getting ready to fillet
MJ lunker
School vacation and family fun aboard the LMA
LAM huge Haddock even double exposure
He’ll be back snow suit or not
Remember limit is 15 for Haddock, that’s a lot of fish
Didn’t expect flat calm today
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