Early reports from the 5 am boats, crazy. I know I use the words crazy, massacre and slaughter a lot, but there’s no other way to say it. And remember I report on 6 boats, there are a few days when not every boat gets their limit but it’s so consistent and doesn’t show any sign of letting up. But it’s fishing, there will be bad days at some point, but the AB, SCL and the LMA that left at 5 am are already looking for Reds after limiting on Haddock and it’s only 0900. That’s 15 pp in 2 hours and 30 minutes of fishing. Had to be up and down from when they arrived. Full report later this afternoon. Capt Les 1500 Marathon on the LMA was phenomenal, as posted earlier, limited on Haddock and then went to top it off with Reds and Cusk, and the Reds were ferocious, dozens and dozens pp along with Fishark serving hot lunch. LVII, SCL, AB and MJ all did the same. Not so easy on the LAM, they didn’t arrive until 845 with a lot of people. The fish have been hungrier the earlier you get there after daylight, but still did great, lots of limits, and if you didn’t catch at least 8-10 you took a nap. Everyone had a perfect day. Remember the Fishark charters charge a lot more but take half the crowd making it easier to limit, like the six packs. Check out Sues Redfish or is it? We have room on Mondays marathon( which is rare) and the all day, using two boats. We have room all next week but with fishing like this I’m sure and hoping it will be full. When I post pictures they are from the day I’m posting for unless stated otherwise. Capt Les

Capt Nicole
What would Mr Towers call this Red? Because it’s way bigger than any trophy. Looks like an Alaskan Rock fish. And after catching those Coddock, I wouldn’t count out anything.
Afternoon topper
Marc serving lunch on LMA
Must be easier when catching two at a time aboard AB this morning
Remember AB is a 6 pack, that pic is from a few minutes ago.
4 cutters all day long, look at the buckets of racks, we have the best cutters, hands down, NO BONES!!!

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