Guess I spoke too soon, little slower than it’s been but still very good. LMA very good, some with limits most everyone had at least 6-8 and all big Haddock. LAM very good, most with 8-10 big Haddock. SCL almost all limited, Todd’s on a role. MJ limited of course. LVII not so great, rumor is they were more interested in having a party than fishing, but they had fun, 0-5 pp. AB in port today, charter couldn’t make it, which sucks with this fishing and a Saturday in May, we have to keep the deposit. We still have a few spots on Mondays marathon and Wednesday and Thursday we have two public all day boats, so plenty of room.

Capt Les

Tell me the fish aren’t hungry. Capt Mark with a guest appearance.
SCL all limits
Randall crew on the MJ. Tom is the only one that looks happy
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