I’ll post the report when I know, Haddock are legal now until next March, 15 at 18”. We are canceling Wednesday and Thursday due to impending storm, office is in the process of contacting everyone to either rebook or refund. For those on the public boats Wednesday and Thursday we have openings tomorrow(Tuesday) but not many. 1600 depending on what boat, one boat had a lot of Haddock, others had lots of Reds, difficult with looking for both at the same times. So it really depended. I was here with everyone getting off and everyone had a different story. 185 people and I had “slow” and “slaughter”, but zero complaints. So good fishing. Few guys had a dozen Haddock and a few had 50+ Reds, but some had no Haddock and some only a few Reds. Check yesterday’s post.

Captain Les

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