Fish report when I get all the information but I know the three boats that left at 5 am were banging them. Haddock will be added to the catch tomorrow, opening day. All boats sold out but we do have room on Tuesday before the storm shows up. Decisions on Wednesday/Thursdays weather will be made Tuesday morning after the boats leave and we have the updated forecast. Around 0830. Wish we had the weather we had back in January. It is what it is. Running 7 days a week whenever the weather allows us. We don’t want to beat people up, that’s not fun. 1430 Fish report: it was incredible, flat calm, lots of Reds, 20-75 pp depending what boat you were on, more than 75 for a few, don’t think anyone had less than 20. Lots of Haddock and tomorrow we can keep them. As you know, we don’t look for Haddock the same places you look for Reds, so to see so many with the Reds is a great sign for April. We still have some opening on Tuesday. Looks like a pretty nasty storm coming for midweek, but too early to tell. Stay tuned here for updates.

Capt Les

All flesh, no bones, best cutting crew anywhere, and I’m talking Mars too.
Gang all back at it! Courtesy of Capt Tory
Sue( those don’t look like birds)
Marc and Brenda in a dual, don’t know the score, but Marc had 64
Too bad, nice Cod
Most pics from LMAIII, last three from LVII
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