Shitty day, not terrible seas but combine that with drizzle and sometimes rain, really was not nice. Lots of seasick, and the wind made it tough for the boats to set up on the fish but they still managed to get the day in and catch some. Of course Capt Nate limited, MJ was close and had couple guys out for the count. SCL had people that fished with close to limit, LV with Capt Tory reported pretty slow, but they had a big time galley and great time. LAM also reported tough conditions and slow, but had people with 10. Obviously due to weather there were people on all boats that didn’t fish. Can’t really catch any without fishing. LMA was the same, some had 10, some didn’t fish. For those of you who read this and were sick, remember it’s only like that rarely, next time you go check on the weather, but go again, it’s been an amazing Spring. Pictures will be tough to get today, but I’ll try. Capt Les

Christie first Haddock today
On a nicer day, but I still didn’t see any white caps in back of the fish pictures.
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