All boats out and phenomenal again. SCL, MJ both limited on Haddock. Sunday so all boats were full, LAM and LMA had half the boat with Haddock limits and if anyone had less than 10, they were a real novice or sleeping. AB and LVII were both Red fishing and excellent, 30-75 pp with Haddock and cusk mixed in, that’s even with a screwy tide in the morning. Fishing just keeps amazing us. We have little room on any trips next two days, but plenty Wednesday and Thursday. Capt Les

Long time, I mean long time friend Reggie Goulet on the SCL all with limits. I was 10 when he started coming and we’d catch a couple Haddock on the whole boat with 75-100 other fish and be happy. How things have changed. Back then we’d throw back Reds, Pollock and Whiting, just Cod and the very few Haddock we’d keep.
Size of the Haddock are amazing
LMA another limit
LMA Sunday marathon
Stan and Staci caught 40, kept their 30 and handed off the 10 who didn’t
Just not Haddock
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