Cod, Haddock and big Pollock on the marathon( limit of big market Cod, double digits up to 20 Pollock and Haddock)and all day did excellent too, obviously better on the marathon, they’re earlier and have more time, Sharks are letting up. Fall fishing at its best, time to go. The Whiting trip, which we were nervous about being so late, was phenomenal. Not many bats, but numbers were huge. 50 plus pp. Still have 1 opening tomorrow and 3 on Wednesday. All day has openings tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday, Thursday is sold out. We have two public boats going Wednesday, but all days are close to full, everyday. When I say full, since the Pandemic in 2020, we’ve kept numbers 25% fewer than before that, obviously depending on the boat on how many. Example LMA carry’s 110, 75 for fishing 2021, 55-60 since, seems to work better. The boat has 90 rod holders, to get an idea. Weather looks great. Capt Les PS surrounded by Whales for a bonus.

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