Pretty good

Yesterday ( Monday) was pretty good. Flat calm in the morning but the wind kicked up in the afternoon and prevented us from using the shoot. Not the Haddock slam we’re looking for, but everyone caught one, many with 5/6. Thankfully along with the Haddock most caught their cod and lots of Reds and Cusk. […]

Back at it

Yesterday’s cancellation was a no brainer and the forecast lived up to its hype. Nasty out there. Not a breath of wind this morning, glassy calm. I guess some wind this afternoon but looking ahead I think with confidence we’ll get out everyday. We had a group of 4 cancel on Wednesday, other than that […]

Looking good

Tomorrow(Saturday) looks good and Sunday looks better and better, definitely getting out tomorrow and hopefully Sunday, time will tell. Rest of the week looks amazing for the first week of April. We have three public boats on Monday so still 15 spots available, remember this time of year we keep the boats 75% of fishing […]

No problem

We’ll be running in the morning 7 am with two boats LMA and LVII, Saturday looks good too, hoping Sunday weather forecast improves. Bring a raincoat on Saturday but the temps look good. Saturday is opening day of Cod and Haddock, of course we catch Reds but don’t target them like we’ve been doing. Tomorrow […]

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