Weather not so much. Rough ride out, especially for the 5 am boats. Capt Phil on the LMA marathon said excellent, lots limited on Haddock and Reds to help. Capt Nate on AB was limited on Haddock at 930, then went for Reds. Capt Ralph on MJ reported a rare slow day on the Reds, I’m sure weather played a role. Capt Dave on the LAM had a good trip, more evenly distributed with average 6-9 Haddock pp and plenty of Reds. Capt Ed on the LV also reports Reds weren’t like they’ve been, caught plenty but not like we expected. He did say weather was a factor. Guess it wasn’t a good day to take pictures, haven’t received a single one as of this moment, 1615. If I get any I’ll send them along.

Capt Les

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