Like always it varies on what boat you were on, but all good reports. Dogs were few, numbers of Haddock ranged from a few with a couple and some with limits. Geoff Pierce on the LMA had 15 Haddock, 19 Cusk and 4 Pollock, high hook on that boat. LAM had the two Fishark guys with 17 Haddock, bunch of Cusk and Pollock, same boat Leo had 6 Haddock, Sue(pictures) had 8 and both had more Cusk and Pollock. AB had his limit early, MJ 8/9 average and a nice Porbeagle. LVII had all those that fished( 9 out of 16) with at least 10, some with limits, also a few Porbeagles. Haven’t heard from the SCL. Lots of whales, Basking sharks and perfect weather. Excellent Day! Capt Les

What a crew
Sue with Monster Haddock
Leo, heard he out fished Sue( LIE)
Nice fat Haddock
Basking Shark
Porbeagle from MJ, he can’t catch Haddock so this will have to do😁

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