The dogs have become manageable but how many fish people take home is down. Lots of shorts, some dogs , but everyone is busy. That’s the All Day Haddock boats, last Whiting trip was destroyed by the dogs. Stripers have been horrible, couple bites here, maybe a few schoolies, but not what late June should be. Mackerel are solid, limits for everyone and today they had Humpback Whales inside the Isles of shoals for added enjoyment. AB has only missed Haddock limits twice in three weeks. But that’s to be expected, looking at his fuel bill he should know French pretty well, I’ll get yelled at for that comment, won’t be the first time. Ralph made me write it. Weather is amazing and just being out on the water is great. Whiting trips Monday and Tuesday( must call for reservations), hope the dogs move on. Capt Les

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